Where To Stay In Toronto – And What To Do


Where To Stay In Toronto – And What To Do? Our Guide!

Toronto is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Canada. It has so many people, all from diverse cultural heritages giving the place character and adventure. With almost 140 ethnic tribes it is one of the most culturally rich places in the world. Different areas all have a different vibe depending on the populous ethnicity there. So when deciding on where to stay, it is essential to keep interaction in mind in some of the neighborhoods to visit.

Where To Stay In Toronto

Entertainment District.

Entertainment District

From its name you can already tell the place is full of hype and you are going to remain jolly. Luckily it does not disappoint. The neighborhood is home to many of the country’s landmarks, theaters, galleries, studios, aquariums and so much more. If you are there for an adventure, this is the place for you. With the locals always ready to turn up, everything turns into a celebration.

Things to do:

  • It boasts of almost five football teams so if you are a fan of soccer, be sure to catch a game or five.
  • Take a ride up the high CN tower. Standing at 533m, it is among the tallest buildings in the world and was opened around 1976 with a fantastic view at the top.
  • Suppose you are one for the nightlife, you will be amazed by the energy the locals have when evening dawns. Its numerous bars and clubs all come to life.



Say you want to spend some extra coins in retail therapy and artsy stuff then this is the place for you. With lots of upscale designer shops and grand restaurants, the site screams of a rich life.

Things to do:

  • First things first – shopping. The place has almost all known international designer brand shops more than any other town in Toronto. You are bound to find anything you have been dying to buy and cannot find anywhere else. These range from clothes to jewelry to shoes.
  • Fine dining should also be in your itinerary. With lots of restaurants that started as homes for the wealthy in the early years, most of them got built-in beautiful Victorian designs. They have excellent service fit for royalty but be prepared to pay a little more than average for hotels.
  • You could also pay a visit to the numerous galleries hidden in the small corners of the town. One even has real dinosaur bones.



Technically we are referring to West Chinatown. (Toronto has a couple of Chinatowns). This place is beaming with culture since most of the residents are either Chinese or Canadian. If you love trying out new cuisines and learning new cultures, then this is the place for you.

Things to do:

  • Eat. The locals thrive in the early mornings and so do at the cafes in the area. You will find people sitting outside, enjoying breakfast before they start their day. Apparently, they prefer eating outdoors as a sign of generosity to any hungry passerby. Visit any of their restaurants for their smashing menu and do try the Vietnamese coffee. It is like no other.
  • Often, the locals organize a festival that strengthens their community bond. What better way to learn about people and their way of life than to interact with them. Join a festival or a marathon or whatever group activity that has been organized.
  • Visit the Kensington market for farmers fresh produce, local street cuisines, and vintage artifacts. This is the perfect place for gift hunting while still having fun.

Downtown Toronto.

Downtown Toronto

This is the main central business center and the hub of most activities. The place is usually abuzz with activities, and if you are there for official business, it is probably the best place to stay. It will be closer to everything.

Things to do:

  • It is centrally placed hence close to the most essentials. Moreover, you will have an easier time getting round to run errands.
  • Take a walk to the picturesque graffiti alley for a photoshoot. As the name states, the place is decorated with the most beautiful graffiti which is great for photoshoots.
  • Go shopping at the Quays West. You will get to enjoy majestic views and also have access to various restaurants all in the same place.
  • Visit Ripley’s Aquarium and ride in its underground passageways as the experience is one of a lifetime.

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