Where To Stay In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Where To Stay In Buenos Aires – Our Guide!

Buenos Aires in Argentina is a beautiful well kept secret with Latin heritage. The place is bursting with culture and cuisine. Due to its countless pleasures,it is a go-to destination for many tourists. We have therefore compiled a list of possible neighborhoods ideal for accommodation for you depending on your interests and budget.

Where To Stay In Buenos Aires

For the nightlife – Palermo.


If you are here for the wild nights, Palermo is definitely the place for you. After all, it did not earn the name Palermo Hollywood for anything. No matter what your music genre of preference is, Palermo has got you covered from explicit clubs to gay clubs. Although the majority of them are vintage and depict the local’s culture. If you are a rock and electronic dance music fan, make sure to check out the Bahrein. It often hosts international acts like the late Avicii.

You can also try Riva Daria, with five booths all with a different DJ who takes turns all night. The experience will blow your mind. Moreover, if your friends or family want a chilled night on the rooftop, Rosebar is the place for them. Designed like a warehouse, it definitely has a lot of space and you can forget about the cramped-up hassle bars usually have. The gay community is quite vibrant there too, with clubs like America and Fiesta Pop.

f you are a lavish drinker and want to spend some coins, the Jet lounge is the place. With impeccable décor and breathtaking views. Celebrities the likes of Justin Bieber often party there too. Lastly, for hip-hop lovers, Terrazas del Este is where you should go. It has ten different bars and massive sitting space.

For sightseeing and cultural experiences – Recoleta


  • If you want to put on your tourist hat, Recoleta is the best place to stay. It is home to many attractive sites that will have you deeply occupied and spritz up your experience. The neighborhood is home to the Liberia el Ateneo Grand Splendid; this is a one-of-a-kind bookstore that started as a theater. It was built almost 50 years ago and its library/bookstore is every inch so grand with a sitting space of over 1000. This only shows you how huge the place is.
  • Further north is the Parque Thays; a beautiful lush park with sculptures that will definitely amaze you with the talent behind the work they depict. If you want some retail therapy, Avenida Alvear is the place. To top it off, it has a variety of creative architectural sites.
  • Your visit will not be complete before visiting the Recoleta cemetery. It is here that legends like Evita Peron were buried. The place has artistic tombs and graves which give a gothic vibe. Also, there are lots of mausoleums not lacking in detail. If you have an expendable budget, make sure to book the Palacio Dahau Park Hyatt hotel. The décor is elegant and the services fit for royalty.

With family – Belgrano.


If you are visiting Buenos Aires with family and want to have a relaxing time, Belgrano is the place for you. It has a variety of activities that the whole family can indulge in. The locals are chilled people, meaning your visit will not only be peaceful but also enjoyable. With its variety of cafés, the cuisine is to die for. Most of the restaurants are small and only host like fifteen people making you feel like right home.

The streets are great for afternoon walks with Victorian-era houses lined up and trees in full bloom. Make sure to pop into the Plaza Manuel Belgrano where merchants sell handmade sculptures, bags, and basically everything. This is a perfect place for gift hunting. The place has two museums namely Mjzeo Laretta and Museu Sarmiento. They are both unique and breathtaking with vintage vibes.

On a budget – San Telmo

San Telmo

If you do not want to drain your pockets then San Telmo is the place for you. It has lots of activities which cost virtually less but are equally as interesting starting with the Arte Pamba. This is basically an antique shop with pieces dating back to World War II which were displaced.

For the alcoholics, Bar-El federal is a must-visit, with its cute oak barrels and two fully stocked bars you are sure to get everything you want. A little further is another bar, Sur which has a huge dancefloor where revelers are led to do the tango. The locals do it really well and you sure to enjoy the spectacle.

San Telmo also has several architectural masterpieces like the El Zanjon museum which was built approximately 178 years ago. No tourist trip is complete without souvenirs and designer Ramirez has one of the best cloth stores in which every piece has an aspect of their culture. If he proves too expensive, check out the San Telmo flea market held on Sundays.

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