Things To Do In Old Town Chicago

Old Town Chicago

Things To Do In Old Town Chicago – Our Guide!

The old town is a vintage town in the northern side of Illinois famed for its picturesque architectural pieces – some of which survived the deadly Chicago fire. Its many restaurants, cute coffee shops, old school bars, and hotels are the icing on the cake in this beautiful city. They are of different standards and tastes which are sure to have something for everyone’s wants. The people in the town are warm and friendly and you are going to feel welcome. Have you been planning a vacation to the area? Below are some of the must-visit sites that should top your bucket list.

Things To Do In Old Town Chicago

St. Michaels church.

St. Michaels church

The locals have a saying which goes: Only when you hear the bells of St Michael’s do you know you have arrived in the old town.

The church was built by Roman Catholics and was used by German immigrants to hide and worship. They had been banished and were not welcome anywhere else. It was first built of wood and later bricks – a move which saved it. The Chicago fire happened soon after the renovations and burnt down half of the city’s wooden houses. For a while, it was the tallest building before it was dethroned by the Chicago board of trade building. Its architectural design is still very beautiful and set to take your breath away.

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Fudge Pot.

  • If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely the place for you. It is one of the oldest confectionery shops in Chicago as it was built in 1963 and has been making quality sweets since. Besides sweets, it sells marshmallows, wafers, biscuits, and cookies. In short, it is home to any sweet thing you can think of. They come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, and colors.
  • If you are gift hunting, this is an ideal place to start. Moreover, at a small fee, you can get your pieces customized. If you are not for the chocolates and éclairs be sure to check out their caramelized apples, sweetened nuts, and dried fruits. Everything in the store is made to quality standards and you are sure to get value for your money.



  • Zanies is one of Chicago’s oldest comedy clubs built-in 1973 by Robert Uchwatt. The club features national and local acts from tv, sitcoms, stand-ups, and radio. Every day there is always a new experience and so it never gets boring.
  • The audience sits in a bar like a room where you are served drinks and snacks during the show. However, they still have the old school policy where you can only purchase two drinks to prevent people from getting too drunk during the show.

The Spice House.

The Spice House

It is located in wells and is home to almost every spice known to man. It has homemade ones, exotic ones, and locally sourced ones. Many chefs from the city go to get their supplies from there as its reputation precedes it. Even if you do not need spices, be sure to visit for it has a restaurant in the back. You get to eat surrounded by wafting spice aromas. Be warned, most of the foods served are very spicy.

Red orchid theater.

Just from its name, one can tell it has a mysterious nature. The place is shaped like a shoebox and so it stands out from all the other buildings in the street. Most of its plays are written by world-class Brett Neveu and Craig Wright. The two are known for their dark twisting tales which will leave you a little spooked but appreciative of the talent. If you are lucky you might meet Michael Shannon who still comes to hang out with the crew despite his age. The place is also strategically placed with restaurants next to it and an array of bars down the street.

Old town Pour House.

Chicago has its fair share of wine and beer distilleries but nothing beats the Old town Pour house. It has almost 90 taps of beer on the walls guaranteed to keep your supply flowing. With two 103 inches screens on either side, it is great for watching football as you bond over beers and wine. The place is also complete with a restaurant that serves American delicacies like cheeseburgers and pizza’s to keep you fed while you drink. With a sitting space of over 200, you are sure to get a table and it will be less cramped compared to other bars.

The Second City.

The Second City

Chicago has its fair share of comedy clubs also but nothing compares to the world-class second city. It has a great ambiance with well-picked décor. Complete with three stages to choose from. You will definitely get an activity that interests you as they all show different things. However, you are urged to make reservations early as the shows are often booked in advance and getting a table is hard.

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