Top Destinations To Travel For 3 Weeks

Travel For 3 Weeks

Top Destinations To Travel For 3 Weeks – Our Pick!

Opting for a three-week holiday is sometimes better and cheaper than traveling for more extended vacations as it cuts down on planning time, the number of flights taken and also ensures you enjoy it to its full potential. You can opt to visit numerous continents or enjoy the robustness of one country and visit different places in it. However, you should bear in mind that not all destinations pack enough exciting experiences to keep you occupied for three weeks. Here are areas you should consider when packing for that sweet getaway.

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Depending on the type of holiday you would want, Australia is packed with tons of options. To save on cost, you might opt to hire a campers van and start in the north. The Kimberley has spectacular rugged gorges and waterfalls. A little bit further North is the Bolero/Ezerock which is suitable for a great hiking experience. The City of Melbourne, which is the cultural hub of Australia is also known for its numerous shopping sites, sports stadiums, and fantastic local restaurants. The whole island state of Tasmania is packed with game reserves and historical sites.

In addition to that, there is the great barrier reef which has the world’s most extensive reef system. The Sydney harbor is stunning with the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge and iconic sights of Sydney Harbor house. To its south, The Australian continent is also filled with note-worthy stops to cover the other half of the holiday. Moreover, the Outback boasts of the gold-coast in Queens Land which has sandy beaches, and fantastic local restaurants.


  • Asia is one of the best cultural destinations from its highly populous nations. The Atlas mountains in the southern region are one of the best places for hikers and campers because of their extensive forests, sub-alpine, and alpine vegetation. The area is also home to a lot of rare endangered species like the snow leopard guaranteeing you an exciting if not, dangerous time with the panther. It is also the region where the guru Mahatma Gandhi once dwelt.
  • To add on, the continent has some of the largest Cotton and salt production farms for those educational vacations. The farms are run by the state of the art technology making them beautiful and therapeutic. Komodo in Indonesia has the most diverse collection of marine life and the clearest seas bursting with corals. Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth, who wouldn’t want to see it? The mountain wilds of Asia are also home to numerous endangered species. Its glaciers plus the climatic conditions also make it possible for skiing and skating. About 1,200 Red-crowned cranes are living in the city of Kushiro Wetland Hokkaido.
  • Moreover, Japan is home to about 1000 bird species hence making it an excellent place for bird watchers and hikers. Chang Mai is a hotspot for culture and a lot of picturesque temples. Most of the farmers operate at night offering a variety of food for the nation. A four-hour drive will take you to Pai, a beautiful riverside village. After that, you could visit Bali termed the cultural equivalent of heaven on earth. It has scenic hiking trails and clean beaches. The Ubud, a temple on the southern side, is also a must-go-to-site.

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You’ve probably heard of Africa as the land of untapped potential. Well, that’s because it is. Bear in mind; we aren’t just talking about South Africa, the country. That said, The Victoria Falls National Park is probably the first place you should pay a visit. After all, it is the world’s most extensive set of waterfalls in terms of volume. The Falls are located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe with viewpoints strategically placed to get you wet and give you an immersive round experience. Suppose that doesn’t tickle your fancy you could journey to the Livingstone Island. There you could bathe in the Devil’s Pool

The Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique could probably give the Hawaiian beaches a run for its money. Its turquoise waters are home to 32 coral islands which can be great for scuba diving. That father-son fishing experience could also come in handy in these waters. Suppose you’re off the surfing variety, then The Wild Coast of South Africa would best suit your needs. Its plunging cliffs are fantastic for those epic dives which if shot right, could up your Instagram game by far.

Let’s not forget; it’s never an African experience without interaction with the wildlife. The Kruger National Park in South Africa is probably your best bet in seeing the Big Five in action. It’s got its own set of affordable accommodation rates that feature night game drives that’s probably the best hunting time for predators.

Since you’re already in South Africa, why not visit the Apartheid Museum and get your education on? It’s located in Johannesburg and has got everything on the history of the greatest oppression and segregation era. You would also probably not be forgiven for not visiting a country within the country; The Kingdom of Swaziland and finish up on your vacation by learning about their culture.

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