Planning a tour during the summer vacations is always thrilling. However, in the face of increasing travel fares and hotel rents, planning a tour has become financially stressful. In fact, financial factors are causing travelers to step back from including their family in tours.

Here are some of the budget travel tips for summer vacation:

Go for vacation rentals

Booking rooms in a hotel is expensive, and it becomes all the more expensive when taking the family along which may require another room. This would double the expenses. Instead, it is better and more economic for vacation rentals. These are not only cheaper but they also have added advantages, such as a living room and a kitchen.

Prepare your meals

While snacks and eat-on-the-go are unavoidable while on a tour, a budget tour would focus on preparing the major meals of the day at the accommodation. This will reduce the expenses considerably. While on travel people splurge more on eating out. Preparing the meals would not only save money but would also ensure that no troubles are issuing during the period of travel.

Select a location closer to home

The airfares cannot be reduced and therefore choosing a location closer to home would be an intelligent thing to do. This will reduce the expenses of travel. If the place was chosen lies nearby the home station, it can help have quality family time more cheaply.

Be careful about the touring destination

Summer vacations can be spent more pleasantly by visiting the hill stations. However, rather than choosing the famous and popular hill stations, the traveler can go for the less popular ones. In fact, searching the web will show several results, from which a place can be chosen. The areas may also include undiscovered places that are serene and beautiful. Such places should be more economic than popular places.

Pull the strings while shopping

Shopping is another part that should be checked to spend a budget summer vacation. People generally splurge most on food and shopping while out on a tour.

  • There will be a world of things to take home, but the traveler must restrain his desires so that money is saved.
  • This does not mean that there shouldn’t be any shopping included in a budget travel.

Shopping malls should be avoided and street-side shops can opt instead.

Take bedding and mattress

Carrying these all the way to the travel destination and bringing them back again may sound a little uninspiring. But, this is good enough to save money. Moreover, these will also help in case the period of ravel takes a longer period.

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