Best Tropical Vacation Spots In The World

Best Tropical Vacation Spots

Best Tropical Vacation Spots In The World – Our Pick!

We all need a break once in a while to rejuvenate our minds from everyday boring routines. Imagine getting lost in a beautiful tropical island or forest surrounded by nature’s most exquisite flowers, birds, and swaying coconut trees. Dreamy, right? Below are a few of the best tropical spots we’d give a ten-star rating.

Best Tropical Vacation Spots

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls are famously the largest waterfalls in the world by volume. Tourists from all over the world travel miles just to see the captivating beauty. Its water pressure is usually very high making its splash massive. This phenomenon paved the way to a small forest always in full bloom and great for birdwatching sites. You’ll also have the option of going to ride on the rapids if you have the stomach for it.

However, on chilled days you can opt for a quiet swim or hire a romantic private yacht. Both sides of the falls are bordered by national parks which boost the big five animal group. You can get tour guides to show you the best spots to enjoy the views. Moreover, there are other activities like taking helicopter rides to get the complete aerial perspective, camping in designated places in the park where you get to wake up to magnificent views.



Hawaii is well known for its sandy beaches, wild waterfalls, and warm climate. It is fun because it has something for everyone. Its clean sandy beaches are great for photography, horse riding, or for laying on so long as you don’t forget to tan. Most of the travel packages and hotels also offer yachts and cruise ships on order, making it even more glamorous when chasing after the sunset or just enjoying peace of mind.

The people of Hawaii have a deep culture that is full of exciting facts, and due to their friendly nature, the locals are always eager to share. Also, there is the Panaewa rainforest zoo and gardens which host a vast range of wild animals. After that is the beautiful Hawaii tropical garden; a picturesque botanical whose elegance will take your breath away. Hawaii is also home to the rainbow springs and boiling pot.

The springs are terrific for bungee jumping, kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, or a traditional skinny dip. For the hikers, there are many inactive volcano mountains to navigate. Since Hawaii produces a lot of coffee, It’s usually very beautiful when the coffee berries are in full bloom and the coffee served is fantastic.

Riviera, Maya

Riviera, Maya

The place is located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. It is best for those who are up for a new and relaxing experience. Besides having lots of activities, you can also enjoy the place as much by spending the day on the beach. It is home to many world-class resorts to chose from. Most of which borders the sandy Caribbean beaches.

The place sits on a massive coral reef; making it ideal for the adventurous ones to opt for a glass boat ride, deep-sea diving. If that doesn’t tickle their fancy, they could be snorkelling to enjoy the breathtaking marine life under the clear waters. It also offers romantic boat rides and luxurious yachts on hire which you can chase sunsets and sunrises in. Even better, you can take a helicopter ride to enjoy the scenery.

Besides the water, tourists have a variety of cultural cities, most of them in ruins but still rich in culture. The town has various high-end fashion stores for that shopping spree, an array of restaurants for the exotic dinner date with tasty Caribbean cuisine, and a zoo with lots of animal species. Other activities to do are zip-lining, horse riding, and joining the traditional big-screen movie showing, which is also a chance to bond with the locals as you learn their culture.

Bali, Indonesia.

Bali, Indonesia

  • Bali is one of the most diverse places to visit from its rich culture to its long sandy beaches and holy sites. For the water lovers there is a variety of activities to do like; swimming with the dolphins, kite surfing, scuba diving, riding jet-packs, surfing, to mention but a few. Also, you should tour the beautiful Ubud monkey forest famous as its home to the long-tailed monkey, and also the grounds carry a lot of spiritual significance.
  • Since Bali produces rice, you can visit its many rice terraces, for example, the Telling Rice Terrace which has boardwalks and a lush green environment. Bali is also home to many museums and architectural structures. Most were built long ago and hence carried a vintage authenticity. Its numerous temples include the Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, and the Besakih, all of which have a different spiritual vibe.
  • The locals are prominent on yoga, meditation and many places offer the lessons. Bali is also famed for its delicious cuisines and street foods. The locals have festivals in town that will blow your mind away with the way they unite. The cultural dances they perform and the joys they bring makes Bali the type of destination that leaves you wholly fulfilled.

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