Are Mobile Chargers Allowed In Hand Luggage?

Are Mobile Chargers Allowed

Are Mobile Chargers Allowed In Hand Luggage?

When it comes to traveling abroad, there are so many different things that you need to keep in mind. You need to make sure that you pack everything that you need, have your tickets ready, have your accommodation sorted, and most importantly, make sure that your luggage has adhered to the strict rules and regulations of the airline that you are flying with.

The rules have changed drastically over recent years regarding what you can and cannot take with you in your checked luggage and your hold luggage. One of the things that confuse many people is the rules regarding electronics.

A question that a lot of people have been asking is whether or not they are allowed to bring a mobile charger in checked luggage. The quick answer is no, it is a better idea to place your mobile charger and any portable charging devices in your checked luggage because of the explosion risk. Here are a couple of tips for flying with your mobile charger or a portable charging device.

Make Sure your Devices are Fully Charged

This is the biggest mistake that people make when traveling abroad with electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Before you pack your portable devices in either your checked luggage or your hand luggage, you will need to make sure that they are fully charged.

The reason for this is that airline staff may request that you turn the device on so that they can double-check it for security purposes. The problem is that if it doesn’t switch on because it doesn’t have any battery then it is likely to be confiscated, meaning that you cannot take it with you. So, before packing anything electronic, make sure that it has at least some charge.

Traveling with Spare Mobile Batteries

  • If you are planning on traveling with spare batteries for your mobile phone, then there are a lot of restrictions in place that you will need to make sure that you are aware of. Certain types of batteries are completely prohibited from some airlines.
  • It is because of this that you will need to make sure that you contact your airline directly. They will be able to give you more advice regarding whether or not you will be allowed to take your batteries with you.
  • If you don’t check before you arrive at the airport, then you run the risk of your batteries being confiscated which could be especially problematic if you need your phone for business purposes.
  • It is also a good idea to ask for more information about traveling with power banks as some airlines have different rules and regulations that you will need to adhere to.
  • As long as you are careful with your packing and you have made sure that you have followed all guidelines for the airline that you are traveling with, then there is no reason why you should face any issues when traveling with your mobile phone charger or any of your electronic devices.

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