Adventures in Switzerland that you must Experience

Adventures in Switzerland

Adventures in Switzerland that you must Experience

Earlier, I used to scare a lot while taking any adventurous ride but then I went on my thrilling adventure in winters across the Swiss Alps. After taking adventures in Switzerland, I changed into an adventure enthusiast, and then there was no stopping me. Undoubtedly, Switzerland is a hub for those who want to take risks and live life on the edge.

Take these adventures in Switzerland

Here are the adventures in Switzerland that you should experience once with your loved ones.

Via Ferrata

Popularly known as the ‘iron road’, Via Ferrata is an Italian term for climbing routes that include iron rungs and steel cables for support. If you think rock climbing is quite an easy sport for you, wait till you start climbing the steep terrains from Mürren to Gimmelwald.

It took me 3 hours to climb and guess what; the picturesque landscape of Bernese Alps offered me a heavenly experience.

Bungee Jumping

Leaping off like James Bond is always a dream for many. However, you can do this by dropping from the famous 720 feet high Contra Dam in Ticino. Dare to push your limits like James Bond style as he did in the movie ‘GoldenEye’ and feel the thrilling rush for 7.5 seconds.

When you are about to jump, make sure you do it. This stunt is a perfect mix of action and adventure, so take the dizzying dive and experience the moment full of thrill and action.

Fixed Rope Course

When you dare to walk on a rope in mid-air, with mountains and lakes far below, then you actually ‘live on the edge’. I could not shy away from something this challenging and headed to Brunnihütte, accessible via cable car and chairlift from Engelberg via Ristic. In that hour and a half, the rigorous rope course wiped out all my fears and left me with great confidence.

Pendulum Jumping

When I was in my childhood, I loved watching a pendulum swing and often wondered what it would be like to fly in such away. On my journey to Switzerland, I got to know about an adventure sport, called pendulum jumping that allows you to fly majestically above the azure blue waters in Gruyere.

It is quite risky than bungee jumping but still, this adventure sport has caught the attention of many adventure buffs. Only three jumps are permitted to master the art of swinging. It’s passionate, undoubtedly, the best that an adventure enthusiast can ever get.

Fighter Jets

You can step aboard any military aircraft from a variety, like iG-29, Hawker Hunter, MiG-31, and L-39 Albatros, and enjoy the golden chance to perform stunning military duties. Loops between ridges, Mont Blanc towering ahead, and Lake Geneva far below -with all this, you will experience every destination with a majestic view.

Why wait, when there are so many experiences waiting for you in Switzerland. Book your tickets, pack your bags and move to start living the adventure, called ‘Life’.

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